Early Spring

March arrived with a full moon
and above average temperatures
that sent the snow into retreat.
March 7 vs
March 12.
Vigilant cat emerged from his snow bank.
Rain and afternoons in the 40s and 50s started the pond thawing
and further reduced the snow cover.
Alba thinks back to her birth day on March 8, 2008,
when the temperature in the goat barn was minus 26.
The girls take advantage of the gorgeous weather for their favorite activities:
getting a good brushing
and rubbing in return;
eating the red pines;
rocking Barb in the hammock;
and butting heads.
The boys enjoy their outings, too.  Niblet chews on a lawn chair
prompting Mr. T to try a taste.
Mr. T also loves to use the hammock ropes as head floss
run madly about
and chew on the trees higher up than the girls can reach.
He's grown quite a bit
since he arrived in December 2008
and had to be dragged in to meet the girls.
Once upon a time Barb had to bend over to pet him.
Back at the Gentlemen's Club, Niblet continues his wood work
and feels mighty proud of himself.
Dodger and Alba keep expanding.
Barb treated them to heinie haircuts on their heinies, getting ready for childbirth and lactation in a few days.
Dreamy gets to keep her handsome rear coat for a while during this year off from motherhood.

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