The Goatie Awards

It's that time of year:
Emmys, Oscars, and now . . .
the Goaties:

And last but least:

The goats enjoy getting out when the driveway and lane aren't too icy.

The girls tend just to stand around

while the guys are more active.

Mr. T, especially, loves to caper about
and race up and down the driveway.

He's looking forward to spring and to huge meadows to romp through.

The girls, getting bigger every day, are looking forward to March

and the arrival of cute little goat babies (Alba is due around the 23rd and Dodger around the 24th).

1 comment:

Dale Connelly said...

Great pictures, Steve and Barb.
I especially like the action shots.
I only wish your crew could take the podium at the Oscars on Sunday night - THEN we'd have something worth watching!