Calm before the storms

February was pretty quiet at MeadowWild Farm.  Due to the continuing dry and warm winter, dire predictions emerge regularly concerning wildfires this spring
and plagues of deer ticks. 
 Some late February snowfalls helped 
even if we're nowhere near an average winter
 and are still concerned about the upcoming clover hay crops.
 Although the winter seems hardly to have begun, the fisherpersons will soon have to move their houses from Spring Lake.
 Snow melt from the eaves of the goat barn forms icicles on the leftover Christmas decorations.  The real shower we're anticipating is a rain of cute baby goats at the end of March on into April.
 Kona is due on March 25
 Lassi (here doing a bit of carpenter work with her teeth) on March 28
 Dream on March 31
 (anyone unfamiliar with her ordinary girth would predict enough babies for a football team)
 Alba on April 14
(Alba's daughter Crema beat her by over a month with triplet doelings on Feb 26)
 and Juju on April 20.
 The gentlemen look forward to the new arrivals.
 Among preparations for the newbies: a dormitory for the baby bucks.
Meanwhile, the Goat Ladies of the North continue to meet regularly
 for great food (including homemade goat cheeses) 
 and stimulating conversation about all things caprine.
 The Farmers took advantage of a visit from the Zenon Dance Company at nearby
Fond du Lac Tribal & Community College
to attend a fabulous performance in Cloquet -- a bit of high culture unusual for the wind-swept meadows.