And we have a winner

 It's high summer on the farm 
with lush greens and gold as the main colors.
 Rainier than most summers 
 which makes the hay grow
 but also makes it hard to cut, dry and bale.
 A volunteer squash vine has taken over the compost pile
 producing lots of flowers
  and probably tasteless fruit. 
 It does attract gorgeous butterflies, though.
 It grows about a mile each day and should shortly overwhelm Barnum.
 The new portico has kept the goat barn much cooler, but the girls still enjoy getting out for a stroll.  The herd is larger by one, with Desi (Dream's daughter) visiting for three weeks while goatmom Kirsten is in California.  
 Lassi got a buzz cut in preparation for the Carlton County Fair.
 It turns out that she was hiding polka dots under the hair on her mid section.
 Like super models, the girls had to learn how to walk gracefully and pose for the judge.
 The Fair has everything it should:
 artery-clogging fried foods --
 but it could really use a beer garden.
 Before the goat show the farmers check out the arena and judge
 while Kona, Lassi and Juju explore their new temporary home. 
 Juju was the first to show off, in the Junior Doeling competition;
 she came in third.
 Lassi and Kona competed in the senior division as does under two years, with Lassi winning the blue ribbon and Kona coming in fourth.
 The judge was so impressed by Lassi that she also awarded her Senior Reserve Champion.
 Lassi and Kona took the red ribbon for "Product of Dam" 
 but Lassi and Juju came in an underwhelming 6th under "Dam and Daughter."
When asked if she was disappointed by the showing Juju replied, "I'll have another corn dog, please."
 All in all, the trio did very well in the competition (thanks to friend Judy for the photos)
 and managed not to eat their ribbons (although Kona did wolf down an artificial flower decorating the pen next to hers).
Neighboring goats in the barn were duly envious. 
 Alba's daughters and granddaughters did very well for their goatmom, friend Laura, too
 with Rosa's daughter Gerrie winning the blue ribbon as "Junior Kid" and being named Reserve Champion of the Junior Division.
 Staying in a crowded, noisy barn for four days was a trial for Barb and the girls
 (especially during milkings), but everyone survived.
 Barb's goat milk soap won a blue ribbon, too,
 and her llama won first prize as "Dirtiest Critter."
(Just kidding; this beauty was in the Petting Zoo.)
 Back at the Farm, deer parade up and down Red Oak Lane but win no ribbons.
 Departures include the goose family (now probably pooping up a golf course in Florida)
 and the kittens that feral mom deposited in the garage attached to the goat barn.   The Farmers live-trapped the family and took them into Duluth for spaying and rabies/distemper shots.
 Mom recovered on the porch while the kittens were shut in the downstairs bathroom for taming.  They loved the cat perch but would hide from us in its base, so we removed it.
 They would then scramble to the top of the window whenever we came in
 making for some close quarters.
 Despite all our efforts (playing with them, feeding them Fancy Feast on a spoon, trying to pet them), they never got very comfortable with us.
 Fortunately, an experienced cat-tamer took the kitties in and will either find good homes for them or keep them herself.
 It was fun to have Rowdy (all names courtesy of Uncle Dave)
 Dilly Bar
and Bibs around for a while, but we couldn't sustain an entire feline colony.
Mom Yanti is staying well away from us (having learned her lesson: these folks steal your internal organs) but continues to keep the rodent population down and sneaks into the garage each night for her Meow Mix and goat milk .