Godfather III Winter gives way to Spring (we hope)

 The 2nd week of April showed some signs of spring;
 Spring Lake was beginning to thaw
 as was the pond we see from our front yard.
Barb tampled a pathway through the snow
 so that the kids could reach the SkyWalk
but of course big kid Viva had to hop up, too, 
 and displayed unseemly jealousy toward Bella. 
By Tax Day snow had receded from most areas
 much to the relief of the deer, who no longer had to trudge through the drifts. 
 The pile in front of the house was almost gone
 and the driveway clear at last.  We hoped spring had finally arrived, but winter was stuck in a Michael Corleone rut:
 (it's even funnier in Silvio Dante's rendition:
 10 more inches of wet heavy stuff fell on April 16-17
 making this the 5th snowiest season on record.
 In previous years the babies were out romping in fresh meadow grass by now, but they've been cooped in by the snow cover, developing cabin fever, and driving their moms crazy.
 Tempers grow short.  Here Geisha has some choice words with a rambunctious Emilio.
 But then a few 60-degree days prevailed over the fresh snow
 and the goats were free to wander afield
 nibble on cherry bushes
 enjoy a communal pee in the warm sun
 ride the mechanical bull
 test the weight capacity of the SkyWalk
 and defy gravity.
 When they aren't climbing the SkyWalk, Momo's kids are climbing on a very indulgent mom. 
 Even Eclipse's Emilio joins in the fun.
 All of the babies are growing apace at a healthy rate.  Emilio and Toro are the champion porkers so far, having put on 20 pounds each over 30 days.  Mama's milk has done wonders.  
 After the anxieties of the birthing season, the kids are all thriving: Bella
 Gracia (who shouldn't be standing in a hay feeder)
 Gentza (ditto)
 and Lazarus, the last born.
We're especially pleased by the recovery Lazarus made after his difficult birth.  He was droopy-eared and weakly for his first few days
unable to climb up on hay bales with Gracia, who is only a few hours older.
 He's now a strong and perky young fella 
 who can hold his own in tussles with his buddy Gentza.
Next up on the spring agenda at MeadowWild:
 geese are waiting for the front pond to thaw
and we're hoping for a bumper crop of cute little goslings.