March Madness

 March came in like the proverbial lion, with more snow than we saw most of the winter: 10" during the "Leap Day Blizzard" and 8 more inches the following week.  As the just-past-full moon set on March 10th, there was still quite a bit on the ground.
 But then record high temperatures mid-month (including 68 degrees on the 14th) quickly melted all but the shallow streams and sheltered areas.
 We were enshrouded by fog for days on end
 as the snow melt evaporated.
 Spring Lake still had considerable ice cover on March 24th
 but it was all gone by the end of the following day.
 Ducks and geese have been casing out the front pond.  We're hoping for another nice family of Canadas again this year.
 Mr. T's perpetual case of Spring Fever continues.  Here he enjoys one of his favorite occupations: rubbing his noggin on anything solid.
 He keeps Niblet on his toes
 who otherwise would veg out on the couch watching hockey and basketball tournaments.
 Barb prepared all month for the kidding season.  The girls got a nice dairy clipping to keep     the hindquarters free from excess hair that could complicate delivery and nursing.  Here Kona shows off her impressive girth and udder.  She was due on March 25
 and, sure enough, delivered a cute 7-pound doeling at 8:15 pm that day.
 (Right in the middle of Columbo.  Now we'll never know which twin murdered the rich uncle.) 
 Arabica was first out of the chute
 followed a half hour later by a buckling, Macchiato, weighing in at 8 pounds..
  Kona again proves an exemplary mom
 cleaning the newbies up and standing patiently for their first attempts at nursing.
 Thinking that the evening's excitement was over, the Farmers headed for the house, letting mom and the kids bond in peace.  When Barb went out to check on everyone 45 minutes later,
 she discovered Kona's culminating surprise:
 another buckling, this one weighing 9 pounds.
 It was Pingado's turn to get cleaned up, dried off, and injected with BoSe.  Mom and birth doula stayed up well into the night, making sure that the newbies got their crucial colostrum.
 Early the next morning, Macchiato was discovered outside the pen (which the Farmers could have sworn was as escape-proof as Alcatraz)
but everyone was in good shape
and made the move across the barn to their new area (leaving the birthing pen available for an imminent Lassi)
where they engaged in a tail-wagging contest, and proved to be not completely steady on their feet (but, then again, they aren't even a day old yet).
Because the temperature will be close to freezing tonight (March 26), Arabica sports a lovely sweater knit by friend Mary.
while the boys wear coats with openings strategically placed for their particular anatomy, so they don't go around wet.
Here they pose and audition for America's Next Top Goat Model.
Arabica seems the brightest of the siblings and quickest to find a good meal, but they're all learning.
Lassi is due on March 28, but her udder is filling so rapidly she might deliver ahead of schedule.
Dream is due the last day of March, but could also jump the gun.  If all four other does also produce triplets, MeadowWild Farm will be swimming in cute babies.  We have a fairly good idea about Christmas gifts for family and friends come December.
JuJu is fascinated by the newbies, but looks a little apprehensive about her own date with motherhood next month.