MeadowWild Barnie Awards

 Oscars, Emmys, Golden Globes, Grammys -- they were just warmups for . . .
the Second Annual MeadowWild Farm Barnie Awards.
Crema stole our hearts right away —and always. 

 "I'm going to Disneyland!"

Lassi and Kona are learning the Rules: 
Alba butts, Dreamy bites.
They keep things joyful and fun in the barn.

  "Mom likes me best!"
"No -- Mom likes ME best!"

Nibby tolerates: 
Getting chased out of the GC
Playful, but scary-strong buck advances
Eating only hay and still having a weight problem
T geting first dibs on ANYTHING


 "If that big lug keeps slobbering on me I'm going to conk him with this hardware."

Dream freshened in June, 2009
Still Lactating—second winter
Growing a humongous barrel
Standing calmly thru any disturbance
Has the ugliest udder but it works.

 "WooWoo -- and no bratty kids on the way to drive me crazy."
T was Sire of triplet doelings w/ Alba
Producer of many healthy, strong kids
Always at the ready to do his duty :-)
Always cheerful and energetic
Not too rough on Niblet or Goatmom 

 "With all due humility . . . I am the greatest!"

Wonderful Steve is:
Water-boy exceptionale
Mid-wife (er, Hub) extraordinaire
Muscle-man par excellence
Bedding remover Expert
All-around Great Helper in Extreme
"No snide comments there, Niven."

No Biggest Noodle this year!  In Dodger’s absence, there really are no misbehaving goats here anymore, so we will retire this category until we need it – let’s hope we never do.  When T swallowed two baggies that were intended for poop samples, we thought about awarding it to him; but that Lassi has potential also – we’ll see……)


 And the highlight of the evening -- a record-setting three awards to this year's big winner:
Alba!!!  yeaaaaaay! 
Produced triplet doelings—all healthy and strong
Fed all three amply
Patiently let them stand and bounce on her
Taught them to eat hay and drink water
Protected them from the 
dreaded Ear-biter, Grandma Dream

Alba again!  Mother of the Year and Holey Moley!  
Can She Stand Still!!  We think she is victim of alien abduction—switched our old Alba with a calm, good producer that stands so very patiently, even when Goatmom forgets to give her grain.  We are in awe. 
Now work on those teats—a little longer, please.

"You like me!  You really like me!"


Goat Barn Fever

 It's been a dry February, with little new snow
but cold enough during the first half of the month
to maintain a substantial snow pack.
Occasionally a frozen mist would combine with overcast skies to create a monochromatic landscape.
Glowing sunrises warmed up the palette of some mornings
even when the air temperature was well below zero. 
The gentlemen come outside no matter how cold it gets.
They keep each other warm
especially when Mr. T chases Niblet around their yard.
The ladies prefer to stay indoors on arctic days
which leads to a caprine version of cabin fever.
We hide the axes when Lassi gets that certain look in her eye.
On nicer days they enjoy venturing outside, too.
Dream and Alba hobble cautiously along the icy driveway
while Kona and Lassi scamper madly up and down, disappointed only that there are no scissors to carry in their mouths.
Then a mid-month thaw sent temperatures soaring
with a record high of 52 degrees on February 16.
Grassy patches emerged near the house
for the first time since November
although the south meadow remains blanketed
and deer are still confined to trails across the hard-going west meadow.
The girls take advantage of the newly bared ground
to munch on twigs
tree bark
a wooden bench
and the hammock.
Kona checks out the remaining snow banks.
Other critters emerge in the warm weather, including gray squirrels (many of whom in our neighborhood are black).
Mouse tracks along the garage in a dusting of snow are followed by kitty tracks.

The girls grow broader abeam as their delivery dates near (although Dream is the broadest of all and she's not pregnant).

Mr. T awaits the arrival of his latest batch of youngsters with the pride of an NBA all-star.