Treats and Tricks

 Treat: unusually warm days well into late October
 with gorgeous autumn colors
 and a full Hunter's Moon on the 5th. 
 Treat: pleasant final bike rides of the season
 up and down the Munger Trail.
 Trick: an invasion of critters out to enjoy the warm weather, too --
who swarmed the outside of the house and then invited themselves in
and Pepé Le Pew, who visited the barn every night to overturn Momma Kitty's Meow Mix, water and milk bowls
 and this prickly fellow, who was checking out the Gentlemen's Club at dusk one late afternoon (Steve almost stepped on him in the dark).
 We harvested four buckets of apples, which were sheltered on the north side of the house waiting to be processed (the fruit cellar was still too warm for storing things);
 on the first two nights deer nibbled a bit at the top layer (when they weren't pigging out on our neighbors' punkins).
 When we went out on the third morning to bring apples in for dehydrating, we discovered that three of the buckets were completely empty, probably courtesy of a bear or bears.
 Treats: Barb's yummy cheeses from end-of-the-season milk
 and batch after batch of goats' milk soaps
 now curing ahead of the holidays
 (and available for order at http://meadowwildfarm.com/goats-milk-soaps.html).
 Treat:  Chilly finally got up off of his Barcalounger 
 and began showing an interest in the ladies.
 Romantic encounters went well
 with only Bindhi (on the left) remaining to participate.
 During breeding season Garam keeps a respectful distance away from the hormonally addled Chill.
Treat: after the garish early fall, the more subtle and subdued colors of autumn
as gorgeous in their own quiet way
-- and delicious, too, according to the gentlemen out ranging in their meadow.
Trick: nine inches of heavy wet snow on Oct 27
which suddenly ended our protracted summer and left us without power for over an hour.
The first snow of the year is always worth watching;
days like this won't seem as fun come late March.
At least we could sit back and watch.  The poor crew of Northern Harvest Farm, which keeps us supplied with primo veggies, were out harvesting carrots in the blizzard.  
(photo courtesy of Rick Dalen)
And the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile was sliding around the streets of Duluth in whiteout conditions (Duluth News Tribune).
Treat: sometimes it's just fun to get out and play in the snow.
Treat: snoozing away a wintry day in front of the heat register
while Momma Kitty sits out in the snow waiting for a mouse to pass by.
We asked Dustin if he might want to invite Momma Kitty in to share his luxurious sheltered life.
“La la la I can’t hear you,” Dustin said;  “I’m listening to the sweet roar of the furnace.” 
Treat: putting away the mower and trimmer for the year.
Trick: getting out the shovels
and electric snow-thrower.
Treat: breathtaking sunrises and sunsets
at this time of year.
Treat: re-posting the Halloween costumes that the fabulously talented and entertaining Dale Connelly provided for the MeadowWild herd several years ago.
This year Dustin goes trick-or-treating dressed as Beelzebub (Lord of the Flies) -- because he's so good at catching flies.  He joins us in wishing everyone a Happy Halloween!