Welcome home, Mojo!

Like Fitzgerald’s Benjamin Button, November developed backwards
starting off with wintry snow cover and record low temperatures well below zero on the 9th and 10th (30 degrees below normal)
but then warming to springlike mid-40s (and even up to 53) at the end of the month
(some 20 degrees above normal) and melting the snow.
The cold spell prompted a changeover to heated water buckets
and we’re treating Momma Kitty to a heated bowl this year so she doesn’t have to slurp quickly before her water freezes.
Alas, Pepé Le Pew is taking advantage of Momma’s refectory, helping himself to the Meow Mix, fresh goats’ milk and warm water. 
We thought the freezing snap would encourage Pepé to occupy one of the many burrows he has gouged in our front lawn
(skunks don’t hibernate but do enter a state of torpor during the winter;  it turns out that they remain active if food and water are available).
We considered live-trapping Pepé and releasing him in the neighbors’ woods, but he’s way too likely to fumigate the hay bales he’s hiding behind now.
He and Momma Kitty have arranged a peaceful coexistence in which they stay out of each other’s way and take turns at the buffet table.
The month’s big news at MeadowWild was the homecoming of Mojo after his extended working vacation at the McCann Farm.
Because this is still breeding season, he received a feisty welcome home from Chilly, who wasn’t sure that he wanted to share buck duties.
Though separated by strong panels, the two butted heads and Mojo’s scur broke off, leaving him a bloody mess
that looked more gruesome than it actually turned out to be.
Garam was happy to be back with Mojo, who is considerably more gentle with him than Chill tends to be.
During breeding season Chill is anything but.  (His full name is LysansToChill, but his license is suspended in the fall.)  He’s a spitting, snorting, blubbering, stomping, goaterwauling bundle of libido.
He enjoyed his stay with the younger girls a lot more than they did (see their #MeToo tweets)
and took full advantage when a cute doe visited (the daughter of Mojo and former MeadowWild favorite Momo).
Although testosterone levels are still high in the gentlemen’s areas, the ladies are now all settled – at least we trust and hope they are.  Upcoming blood tests will determine for sure who is pregnant.
Santa’s Busiest Elf ™ is working overtime to fill goats’ milk soap orders from her growing list of customers 

and get ready for TJ’s ChristKindl Market on Dec 2.

Meanwhile, Dustin continues to colonize territory that doesn't belong to him.  When not occupying the kitchen counters, he makes himself at home on the office chair

or parks himself before the computer on the stand-up desk, assuming that he's more interesting to look at than anything on the monitor.

We bought him a PlayDot laser toy to chase

to encourage more physical activity as he enters his “senior” years.

Was Dustin grateful?
No he was not.  
He mostly ignores the red dot, though he will occasionally follow it with his eyes as he lounges in his cozy bed near the heating vent.
The goats were much more appreciative as they dove into their Thanksgiving dinner.

They join the Farmers and this turkey in deep gratitude for all the privileges and blessings of life at MeadowWild.