Fashionably Late

 It was almost the spring that wasn’t.
 March went out (on the 12th day of nominal “spring”) like the proverbial lion with a winter storm that brought yet more snow and dropped temperatures near zero.
 According to the Duluth News Tribune, “The first 12 days of April were bone-chilling cold, an average of 23.4 degrees in Duluth, a full 12 degrees below normal." 
 We enjoyed a record low of -1 on April 8.
  Of course, the MeadowWild ponds and nearby lakes are still frozen.
We didn’t know if spring was fashionably late – or decided not to visit this year.

 By mid-April in previous years the mommas and kids were out wandering the back meadow and munching fresh baby greens.
 This year’s class has been pretty much confined to the immediate barn area.
 They do tromp through the snow to play on the spools
  but have even more fun hopping into the hay feeders
 to the consternation of the older ladies.
If they're not chowing down on hay
they’re inside porking out on grain and Chaffhaye. 
 When weather permits, they enjoy tap-dancing on the picnic table.
If we could harness all that baby goat energy, we could power most of the homes and businesses in Northern Minnesota.
 The gentlemen watch the kids play.  They, too, are missing the opportunity to mow down lush young meadow grass
 so it's back to the Gentlemen's Club for last year's crop.
 When she's not sunning in her favorite garage window
 Momma Kitty is out mousing in the snow.
Lately she's been (reluctantly) sharing her Meow Mix 
 with TWO skunks, who seem to have learned from the goats their table manners and willingness to share food:
 In an attempt to circumvent the skunks, we moved Momma's bowl toward the top of Mount Haystack, having read online that "skunks, unlike raccoons and possums, are poor climbers."
Image result for lies on the internet meme
Who would have thought the Interwebs could be misleading?!?
So now Momma (who looks like dyspeptic Buddha) gets skunky visitors in the upper reaches of her domain.
 A major storm visited the weekend of April 15, 
 dumping record snow over the whole state.
We got around 10"

but it was hard to determine the exact amount because fierce winds kept blowing it around into drifts.
We won't be using the hammock, picnic table or kettle cooker any time soon.
Out came the snow shovel again
for yet another path to the barn and Gentlemen's Club.

Vigilant Cat searched in vain for signs of spring.
The pent-up kids were showing signs of cabin fever
and Cheeky was getting that crazed look
Image result for jack nicholson the shining
of Jack Nicholson in The Shining.
When asked to comment on the weather, Alice had this to say:
If spring was in a delaying mood, so too was Bhindi. 
She was due on April 13 but decided to wait five days, hoping for more seasonal weather.
Finally, at 7:15 pm on April 18, she delivered a beautiful two-toned chamoisee doeling.
Extra time in the womb gave the baby a chance to pork up to 10 pounds – which was hard on her diminutive mom.  It was quite a struggle for both Bhindi and Doula Barb.
Bed-check early the next morning found the two cuddling comfortably under the heat lamp.
First-time mom Bhindi is taking good care of her baby, 
who seems to be thriving after that long delay.
And now on April 19 – as if to celebrate the final caprine arrival – for the first time all month temperatures are expected to reach the seasonal average.
Not a minute too soon.  It’s time to break out the Barefoot Bubbly!