And adieu to Niblet, too

 Niblet was Dodger's first baby
 and the second goat to be born at MeadowWild Farm.
 He always considered himself a lap-goat -- even when he weighed over 200 pounds --
 and he retained the calm, wise Yoda-like demeanor of a Jedi Master into adulthood.
He was a perfect companion for Mr. T: patient, submissive, long-suffering.
 When Mr. T was called up to the Big Leagues, Niblet lost his raison d'ĂȘtre at the Farm.
For several reasons, he couldn't stay with the ladies -- and he wouldn't have been happy alone in the Gentleman's Club.
 Fortunately, Nibs is now part of a new family on a farm close by in Mahtowa.
 He serves as companion to an elderly fainting goat and enjoys the company of assorted other critters, including horses, sheep, a donkey and a miniature cow.
After spending his life as low goat on the totem pole, Niblet is now (his new goat-mom Dawn reports) the Alpha Male of the barn.
 Nearby is the spacious yard of the two emus.
Niblet's new home really is a Peaceable Kingdom.
Geese, turkeys, dogs, children and a tame fawn wander freely around the yard
 and get along just fine.
 A turkey thought about homesteading our Goatmobile -- until it realized that Thanksgiving is coming up next month.
 We're delighted that Niblet has found such as perfect retirement community after his years of service to Mr. T. 
 For all the talk of a disappointing leaf season due to the drought 
 we enjoyed a few weeks of spectacular color. 
  Red Oak Lane was particularly glorious at sunrise and sunset.
 and the harvest moon added a nice touch.
 Even the flowers beneath the mailbox stayed luxuriant for most of October --
at least until the thermometer started dipping below freezing at night.

Now at the end of the month we're in that period
of subdued but still interesting colors
between the fall of the leaves and the first lasting snow.
Squash in the compost pile look like Halloween ornaments
and critters are burrowing in for the winter.
Steve took advantage of the last warm weather day to bike 26 miles from Barnum (past the bustling Carlton County airport in Moose Lake)
to historic Willow River and back.
The domestic goddess Barb continued to turn out yummy apple pies
and experiment with new kinds of pressed, aged cheeses.
The girls take advantage of the dwindling snow-free days
to race madly up and down the driveway
and saunter up and down Red Oak Lane
stopping along the way to munch on leaves
devastate the blueberry bushes
explore the new burrows (to see if they might roust a badger or skunk)
and rock Barb in the hammock that won't see much use again for a long cold while.