Not the Emmys, Oscars, Grammys, Espys or Obies . . . It’s the Barnies!

First the sad news.  As we reported last September, Mr T moved to a new home near Ogilvie, MN.
 We were devastated to learn that he was killed by a dog on Feb 7, along with many does, some of which were pregnant with beautiful T babies.
 The news cast a pall over the whole month.  At least we received more snow than usual for a February,
 not in huge increments, but enough to protect the septic system from freezing and to raise hopes for good hay crops this spring & summer.
 On Valentine's Day the girls enjoyed a romp up and down the shoveled driveway
 along with the usual bouts of head-butting.
 Barb kept them out of the barn long enough for Steve to clear out accumulations of waste hay.
 She also honed her phlebotomy skills, sending blood samples off for testing.  We're delighted with the confirmation that the entire herd remains free of the Caprine arthritis encephalitis virus.
 As suspected, Arabica
 and Cheeky turned out not to be pregnant
 but Cajeta is knitting little goat baby booties
 along with Momo
 and Kona, who seems to have lost her head
(thank goodness it's back again)
 and Juju, who's busy eating for two or more. 
 Dream and Alba, the Grande Dames, regale the pregnant girls with tales of marathon labors and harrowing deliveries.
The first of the babies are due to arrive next month.
 Barb cooked up a batch of delicious chevon egg rolls:
 ground meat with assorted vegies & spices.
 She also drove down to St. Paul for a meeting of the Minnesota Dairy Goat Association board.
 Meanwhile, at a spectacular Hollywood extravaganza, George Clooney
 (best known for The Men Who Stare at Goats
presented this year's eagerly awaited Barnie Awards: