End of Summer

The end of summer was warm and rainless
but with heavy fog most mornings
that dripped off the fences
and showed how busy the spiders were.
Mushrooms proliferated
as did moths
and all kinds of bugs.
We thought there were four baby barn swallows jammed into their nest in the Gentleman's Club
but five climbed out during their fledging.
They spent a lot of time pooping in the gentlemen's water
and over everything else in the buck barn before they flew away.
Mom and dad remained protective, dive-bombing anyone who approached the Club.
Spot and Opie enjoy their daily outings
usually playing "King of the Picnic Table."
They also vie to see who can get most tangled up in the hammock.
As breeding season approaches, Mr. T and the does are showing more and more interest in each other.
Here T exhibits his "flehmen response."
Barb's mom Caroline celebrated her 90th birthday on Sept 20.
Friends and relatives came from all over the state
to congratulate and visit with her.
Barb arranged for the gathering and a gorgeous poppy seed lemon cake, Caroline's favorite.
Her friend Betty created a Scrabble art work
for the big occasion.
The younger folks migrated inside as the oldsters visited. ("Younger" is a relative term.)
We're looking forward to Caroline's 180th birthday party in 2099.