Farewell, first, to the neighbors' barn, which contributed so much to picturesque views around MeadowWild Farm.
 After gradually dismantling the roof, Justin & Jessica brought their tractor
and reduced the stately old structure
 to a pile of lumber.  Much of the barn will see new life as recycled materials for buildings on their nearby farm.
The view from our front yard
is no longer as pleasant without the architectural element.
And farewell to winter
which was reluctant to leave.
We "enjoyed" one final snowfall on May 1.
It didn't amount to much
but made sitting out on the lawn less than enticing.
Hello -- at last -- to spring.
We've finally greened up
and the goats are happy to get out for play time
browsing at the salad bar
and more tree-trimming.
Barb can keep track of them from her upstairs office
when she's not processing each day's impressive yield.
Local wildlife lounges on the rich green carpet
and Dustin enjoys looking out the open windows after a long winter.
For the first time he's actually enjoying a new toy instead of snubbing it.
He begins a play session by attacking the birdy vigorously
but then ends up batting at it while lying down to conserve energy.
Farewell to Anoop
and Caliph, two of this year's sweetest (and sturdiest) kids.
They're now enjoying life on a goat farm in Zimmerman, Minnesota.  The rock they get to climb on is the envy of the barnmates they left behind.  
(Photo courtesy of their new goat-mom Cindy.)
And farewell to Ahni (who kept Barb's life interesting from the day she arrived)
and her cute buckling Anghus
who boarded the Goatmobile for a trip to their new farm at Acorn Ridge Dairy Goats 
enjoying the gorgeous riverside scenery down to Cochrane, Wisconsin.
We're delighted that Caliph, Anoop, Anghus and Ahni have found such wonderful new homes and owners.
Farewell, also, 
to Chilly's masculine pride and dignity.
He was intended to be the father of Channa's kids
but DNA testing shows that Bhindi is actually from Mojo (who broke into the ladies's dorm on successive nights). So poor Chill did not produce any of this year's crop of girls.
And, finally, farewell to those next slated to graduate;
and Channa will  be moving together to New Auburn, Wisconsin, on the 1st of June.
Channa's cute daughter Bhindi will stay at MeadowWild.