¡hola! Sanchez

 It's that lush green-and-gold time of year
 with hay bales scattered over the meadows
 and threatening clouds that haven't brought much rain --
three and a half inches below normal in July.
 At the American Dairy Goat Association Show early in the month 
 the Goat Ladies of the North
 provided a delicious snack table
 that was the highlight of the show for most participants.
 The MeadowWild herd was hoping for some leftover cookies, but all that came back from St. Paul was
 a gorgeous young buck on loan from Kara Kahl Farm for the breeding season.
 ¡hola! Sanchez
 the ladies say.
 They're curious, but no one has shown much romantic interest yet.  We trust that will change as the breeding season progresses.
 Sanchez started out in the Gentleman's Club with Cheeky and Arabica
but they proved to be a little too rammy with him.
 Until the ladies get more used to him and Sanchez gets a little bigger, he now occupies his own suite,
 consisting of an indoor area
 a sheltered outdoor area
 and a run leading to his own private browsing ground
 where the ladies on either side
 keep a wary eye on on him.
 For now, he's much more interested in playing on the reinforced truck topper than in courting them.
 He helped Barb install some traction tape so he wouldn't slide off 
 and then performed a mean fandango. 
 On his daily walks Barb keeps him secured with a leash, lest he be tempted to run back home to Houston, MN.
 Other July visitors to the Farm include lots of spiders
 lots more egg-laying turtles
 a doe and fawn who visit the back yard regularly
 and of course Feral Kitty, who loves to lounge on the picnic table most evenings.
The goose family disappeared for three weeks, but then returned, minus one gosling.  (We trust that she ran off to join the circus.)
 They hang around by the pond
 cross Red Oak Lane to browse in the neighbor's meadow
 and then shelter under our willow tree on hot sunny days.
For the first time this year, the deer have left us 
some blueberries
 and birds haven't yet eaten all the cherries.
 Cheeky shows off her newly trimmed summer coat 
 and gets ready to wow the judges at the Carlton County Fair next month.