Endless Autumn

The National Weather Service is still predicting a colder and snowier than usual La NiƱa winter for us
but this autumn has certainly been untypically longer and warmer.
Fall colors were a treat
even down to the front yard bushes
and now we're enjoying the muted yellows and browns of what friend Larry Weber calls "Aut-Win."
The red oak at the end of Red Oak Lane
has finally shed all but a few of its leaves
but the extended warm weather and lack of snow or even hard frosts
has kept the grass green past the middle of November
and Ahni finds it even greener on the other side of the fence.
The goats take advantage of the extended mild spell
to play in areas usually buried under snow by this time
and bike paths have remained invitingly accessible.
Always cheery Steve taught a course for the FDLTCC College for Seniors program about facing death.
Friend Hilary visited and spoiled Mojo shamelessly with lots of attention -- even though that beard is sopping with goat cologne splashed on for the breeding season.
A few days later the Big Guy made a gruesome appearance.
Did he join WWE Superstars and overdo it with the fake blood capsules?
Or is he auditioning for a goat version of Carrie?
Actually, he broke a scur loose (probably butting heads with Chilly) and bled like the proverbial stuck pig.
And because it's breeding season he was in no mood to stand still for a face scrubbing
so the blood dried to a rich black lacquer finish.
A few days later the scur fell off and he was back to his usual handsome self.
The boys have had a touchy relationship during this hormonally stormy period; Chilly is quick enough to dart out of the way when Mojo starts bellowing and thrashing.
We're pretty sure all the ladies have settled
although we're keeping an eye on Kuiper to be sure.  In a few weeks blood tests will confirm the "bundles of joy" slated for this spring.
Breeding season makes the girls excitable and unpredictable, too.  Chana inadvertently gave Barb a bloody lip during a feeding.
Deer continue to hang around at all hours
even during the firearm hunting season
(the does must know it's bucks only this year)
and turkeys continue to strut boldly even a few days away from Thanksgiving.
What is Dustin staring at so intently through the front window?
It's not a deer or turkey but something lounging on the picnic table -- 
feral Momma Kitty
who is growing a fluffy coat for the winter and already making herself at home on top of the hay bales.
MeadowWild Farm enjoyed rare visitors on Halloween (depleting the stock of "fun-sized" candy bars that Steve usually hoards for himself)
and the Farmers visited historic and stately Blackhoof Town Hall on Election Day.
Viewing conditions were perfect for the Supermoon on Nov 14
(an unusually balmy 50 degrees)
but winter is bound to arrive some day, so Barb constructed a heavy new door to keep the Gentleman's Club dry and toasty.
The heated water buckets are in place
and room for the Yaris finally cleared in the garage.
Santa's busiest elf has been crafting batch after batch of goats' milk soap
and over 400 bars are curing on racks ahead of the holiday season.
Dustin stirred himself enough to move from his favorite summer napping spot
to his collection of cozy winter beds
strategically located near heating vents.
He knows that our endless autumn is about to end
with the first snow of the year.
(A Facebook posting pokes fun at uncertain forecasts up here and our tendency to hype every coming precipitation as the next MegaStorm or Snowzilla.)
We hope that the worst of the storm holds off today until we can deliver Eclipse safely to her wonderful new home at Echolight Hobby Farm in the UP of Michigan.
The Farmers join these two turkeys in wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!