Caprine Supremes

Alba was not due to deliver until March 23
but she was getting so big that walking was a major chore.
On the afternoon of March 19, Barb suspected that bundles of joy were imminent.  Alba settled down in her kidding stall and Barb went in to fix supper and enjoy a beer at the start of what might prove a long night's vigil.
She checked back into the barn less than half an hour later -- and discovered that Alba had started without her; three little bundles were already here.
An experienced team by now, Alba licked the babies clean
while Barb toweled them off
and snuck a quick peek under the hoods to discover an all-girl trio -- 
a goatie counterpart to The Supremes.
The weather had finally returned to seasonal after an unusual and extended warm spell, so temperatures were in the 20s and falling.
The newbies enjoyed a warm blow-drying 
and getting into their home-made dressing gowns.
Then it was time for some instruction on proper nutrition.
One had trouble locating the south end of Mom at first
but eventually they all caught on.
Alba earns a congratulatory pat.
Unlike last year, all three babies are doing fine
and Alba's mothering skills have improved exponentially.
Each of the kids seemed at first an exact Mini-Me of Alba, but we're beginning to see differences among them.  Anticipating twins, Barb had selected names before hand for
and Luna
but the unexpected third doe still needed a name.
Inspired by the gorgeous sunset occurring in the midst of all this excitement,
friend Janet suggested "Rosa."
Alba spent the rest of the evening getting acquainted with the girls
and dispensing baths.
Proud papa Mr. T enjoys a celebratory cigar back at the Gentlemen's Club
but the babies look a whole lot more like
mama than dad.
Dodger is due on March 24
but she may have some surprises in store, too.

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Anonymous said...

Fascinating, as always! Congrats to Alba, the little girls, Mr. T, and to you guys!!

Uncle Dave in Baton Rouge