Endless winter, spring babies

 If the Beach Boys live in an Endless Summer
 up north we’re enjoying Endless Winter.
 Meteorological spring continued the polar vortex cold of winter, and now astronomical spring (March 20) was preceded by a day of snow 
 and followed by another 6-inch blanket of heavy wet stuff on the second day of “spring,” pushing the snowfall this season to over 100 inches.
 Dustin looks out on yet another snowy day
 and then takes a hit of crazy weed to self-medicate his Seasonal Affective Disorder Syndrome.
 We’re still adding to our record of days below zero in one season, with -8 on March 23 and 24 and other sub-zero nights during this last week of the month, which is going out like the proverbial polar bear. 
 The snow and cold haven’t bothered Momo’s babies, who glom together to stay warm.
 and Cabrito are getting to know their way around the barn and meeting the other residents.
 Viva, especially, is fascinated by the newbies.
 They're putting on pounds by the hour, but can still be lifted up for a cuddle.
 They’re at the climbing stage, jumping up on any elevation
 including momma Momo.
 Disbudding went well, although it's no fun for anyone involved.
 Having a red-hot iron applied to one's noggin isn't the best way to stay warm, even on the coldest day.
 For a brief respite from the hard wintry spring up north, the Farmers (along with Laura and Bill of Split Rock Farm) headed south – at least 88 miles south – to the McCann Farm in Milaca, MN.
 The main purpose was to visit Awe Baby, who lived first at Split Rock Farm and then at MeadowWild. She had been bred the season before four times to three different bucks, but had never settled.  Then last autumn she was prescribed some fertility medications and hooked up with Sanchez before moving to the McCann Farm.
 Finally on March 21 she delivered two gorgeous bucks, named in honor of Dr. Angela Urban, who oversaw the chemical miracle.
 It was a real treat to visit Brian
 the bucks (including Mr. T's son, Major Creation)
 and especially the plethora of cute baby goats.
 Back home at MeadowWild, Eclipse was due on March 25, but she decided to deliver a day early – and without the drama that Momo indulged in.
 Her two (as yet unnamed) bucks popped right out on their own.  For once Barb enjoyed the luxury of attending to a textbook natural delivery
 after which she dried the babies off, dipped their navel cords in iodine, gave them their BoSe shots, and directed them to their first warm milk.
Here they are a few minutes after birth, already up on their wobbly legs.
 The guys are doing just fine, despite the sub-zero nights
 and are already climbing hay bales.
Next up: Cheeky, due on March 27.  We hope her delivery goes as smoothly.

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