Cheeky Surprise

 Tzatziki (Cheeky) came as a surprise two years ago.
 Lassi was due on March 28, 2012; she was showing no signs of imminent delivery at the 10:30 pm bedcheck on March 26, so she wasn’t even yet moved to the kidding pen.
 But when the Farmers got to the barn early on the morning of March 27, there was Lassi standing next to two cute young doelings, Cheeky and Raita.
 They had popped out some time during the night, and Lassi cleaned them up and was nursing them on her own.
 Cheeky clearly inherited the “surprise – and I’ll do it on my own” gene.
 She was due on March 27, but only began to show initial signs of labor late on March 29.  Barb examined her at 8:30 pm and estimated that she might deliver some time during the following morning or afternoon.  
 When Barb came out again at midnight just to make sure that everything was quiet in the barn, there was Cheeky standing next to the big buckling she had just delivered and cleaned up nicely on her own.
 Toro weighed in close to 11 pounds, making the easy birth almost miraculous.
 First time mom Cheeky is taking great care of him.
 Across the barn, Toro's soon-to-be playmates showed a little interest
 but were were too busy tap dancing on the Bat Cave to pay the newcomer much attention.
 A day and a half after his birth
 Toro is doing so well that he moved out of the kidding pen and in with the general population
 where momma Cheeky continues to keep a close eye on him
 which is just as well, since he already shows a tendency to look for mischief.
 The kidding pen was cleaned and made ready for Viva, due on April 2
 and Geisha, due on April 6.
 These BFFs immediately got comfortable in the new suite.
 Geisha settled down into a cozy nest
and chowed down on the bedding hay rather than the good alfalfa hay provided for her.
We hope their deliveries go as easily as Eclipse’s and Cheeky’s.

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