The Kids Are All Right

Showing no signs of their "Dystocia" (difficult birth), Terra and Freya are growing apace at 6 days old.
Freya (above) is an uncanny copy 
of her Mom at the same age (above and below)
She and sister Terra are exploring their home
which means tasting everything;
imitating Mom they nibble at the hay, even though they're still on a milk diet.
They've enjoyed their trips outside
in the spring weather.
 It's hard to believe how big, strong and coordinated they've become since their first day.
Here's a crude video of them at one hour and 24 hours old:

Niblet can't wait till they're old enough to fight with and boss around.
Some warm days have opened up the surrounding meadows
and uncovered the 9-inch-in-diameter burrows that popped up last fall on the front lawn (above) and side garden (below);
we haven't seen the denizens emerge yet.
Right on schedule Red Oak Lane
has become Brown Mud Lane.
Nearby Spring Lake is still iced over
as is the pond in front of the house.  With a significant blizzard predicted for March 22 and 23, we may be back in winter mode for a while yet.

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