When lilacs last in the dooryard bloom'd

 Whitman’s famous lilacs were blooming by mid-April at his mother’s home in Brooklyn.
 Ours waited until early June
 to grow really spectacular
 as did the fern peony
 and even the cute little violets that pop up in the lawn.
 It's that intense green time of year when the Carlton bike trail seems to wind through a rain forest
 and MeadowWild Farm resembles the Emerald Isle.
 The goats are literally "in clover"
 and keep a close eye on the deer browsing just outside their fence.
 Fawns and their mommas hang out close to the house, nibbling away at the endless salad bar.
 This young lady emerged from Spring Lake to lay her eggs; her babies will arrive later.
 June saw more departures as well as arrivals.
  Channa, Ahnyx and Tzarina boarded the Goatmobile for their new home in New Auburn, Wisconsin.
Disappointed in her hope of escaping Ahnyx, Channa presses her head to the door and recites her mantra:
 Image result for seinfeld serenity now
 At her new home, Ahnyx gets acquainted with fresh pen-mates to annoy. 
 Goat-related travel also involved a trip to the Little Falls Dairy Goat Show
 to cheer on friends Brian and Kärin
 who did extremely well in the competition.
 One disappointment: the Beer Building at the fairgrounds contained absolutely no beer.
 Friend Hilary visited and spoiled the goats with attention
 especially Mojo, who loves to be scratched under the chin.
 Warmer weather means haircuts for the woolier mammoths.
 Mojo retained his fuzzy face
 but slipped into his summer bikini
 as did Kuiper.
 A recent study listed the states with the fattest pets
 "Topping the list for both chunky dogs and fat cats: Minnesota, where 41 percent of pooches and 46 percent of kitties were rated by veterinarians as overweight or obese."
 Dustin feels smug because he can still fit into his favorite high school hoodie.  His secrets for staying slim and fit:
 a daily workout on the gym equipment 
 23 hours of sleep every night
 and abstaining from any drug that would give him the munchies.

His human servants ordered Certified Organic Non-GMO Catnip Seeds for him

and nurtured them to healthy plants
 but he absolutely refuses to indulge.
 The last day of June saw the departure of KBO (Kuiper Belt Object) to his new home a few miles south
(a final tête-à-tête with Garam)
 and Monarch is scheduled to move to his new home in July.
 Garam will stay on as a companion to Chilly
while Bhindi and Tzimmes rule the roost as next year's new milkers.

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I always enjoy reading and seeing the the latest news from MeadowWild Farm! Thanks, Steve and Barb!!

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