Next Batch

 Ahni’s bundles of joy were scheduled to arrive one week after Cheeky’s and Reenie’s, on March 9. 
 But she kept Barb up for three nights of checking her every few hours until finally delivering on the morning of March 12 two hefty, dark black bucklings
 Anghus (who inherited mom's wattles)
 and Anoop (who sports half of a milk mustache).
 Ahni continues to be an ideal mom, taking good care of her boys.
 Their droopy ears soon perked up
 and they survived disbudding nicely.
 Their older friends across the barn get bigger and stronger each day:
 Reenie's boys
 and Monarch
 along with Cheeky's girl Tzimmes.
 Friend Janet crafted a gorgeous goat tote for Barb featuring the quilted face of Cheeky.
 On the third day of spring the babies ventured outside the barn for the first time 
 to climb on new stuff
 chew on new stuff 
 run like mad 
 and fly through the air 
 all under the watchful eyes of proud papas Chill and Mojo.
 Then the always anxious Cheeky led the herd back to the barn
for some serious napping.
Getting sleepy . . .
 sleepy . . .
 It may officially be spring, but the front pond
 stream on the east border
 and back pond are still frozen over
 and there was snow on the ground the fourth day of spring.
 Demolition continues – slowly – on the neighbors' barn.  We’re in no hurry.
 The yearlings get out for walks, too.
 Channa and Kuiper are both due on March 30.
 We're hoping for some doelings to balance this year's bucklings -- gorgeously colored girls from Chana
 and belted girls from Kuiper
who would not be out of character to wait until April 1.

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