Ahnyx, Barnies

 January is named after Janus, the god of beginnings, transitions, doors and passageways
 who is usually depicted with two faces -- and this year’s January has certainly lived up to its namesake.
The month started us off in the deep freeze.
Temperatures plummeted immediately after the Christmas weekend ice storm, which dropped 2 inches of sleet and ice on us
turning our driveway into a skating rink.
 We “enjoyed” below average readings for the first half of the month, reaching 28 below zero on Jan 13th 
 but then schizophrenic January showed its other face.
On average the third week of January is the coldest week of the year in our area, but this year treated us to a January thaw, with a record high of 47 on Jan 19th.
 Much of the skating rink melted, and bare patches of grass poked out, unusual for the dead of winter.
 Besides restoring sensation to our extremities, mid-month also brought the welcome return of Ahni’s daughter Ahnyx, who had been residing down south (southern Minnesota, that is) since September.
 She stopped off to visit with goats at the McCann Farm on the way home
 and then spent a few days getting chased around as she reintegrated with the MeadowWild Herd.
 Also new to the farm this month: 
 A Toyota Sienna minivan that replaces the Uplander Goatmobile.
 Taking advantage of some relative quiet in the barn ahead of the March baby explosion, 
 Barb continues to experiment with new soap recipes --
and to award this year’s Barnies:

Partying continued backstage till the wee hours of the morning.

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