Where did THAT summer go?

The first day of autumn snuck up suddenly.
It's still mostly green around MeadowWild Farm
although the milkweed is yellowing
and there are a few touches of color in the neighborhood.
The DNR puts us at under a quarter of the way to peak color.
What the heck happened to summer?!?
It just zipped on by, what with the kitchen remodeling and fun events such as the Loon's Les Uncomfortables 
starring friends Cal and Sarah.
Dave and Brigitte honored us with a visit and attracted a passel of other visitors.  Here Lila and Brigitte feed raspberries to a presumptuous Kuiper
who suddenly sees something else she'd rather chew on:
Lila's hair.
Eclipse appreciates Brigitte's generosity
but Cheeky isn't so sure.
I've been poisoned!
Lila's Emma wasn't quite sure what to make of the free-ranging goats.
The cozy new bed nook came in handy during the visitations.
We skipped the Tall Ships Festival in Duluth
(even though it meant missing the world's largest Rubber Ducky)
in favor of THE social event of the season: the Carlton County Fair.
To give other folks a chance to win some ribbons
Barb did not enter her own goats this year
but did assist friend Gail by volunteering to show Caroline
who won Best Doe in Show.
Then it was time for a treat at Grandma Laura's Cookies
(Dave could barely handle the huge ice cream sandwich)
and a nap.
David and Brigitte joined us at Farm Fest
where locally sourced gourmet foods were served in our neighbor's barn.
In addition to the two-legged visitors, we've had lots of the four-legged variety
and even more of the eight-legged kind
confirming everything we learned from all those 1950s movies.
The warmth and wet of August
created ideal browsing for the goats
who especially enjoyed nibbling Barb's new fancy day lilies.
Even in high summer the Farmers have to anticipate Old Man Winter
so the good friends at nearby Happy Critters Farm 
delivered enough high quality alfafa hay
to feed goats until next spring.
Steve took his annual bike pilgrimage to Willow River 
and visited the statue of the unidentified gentleman featured in the park.
Then it was time for the State Fair.
Barb attended the goat show, cheering on the McCann Farm
(even goats find the Fair a great opportunity for people watching)
while Steve stuffed himself silly with deep-fat fried fatty foods on a stick
but didn't save room for the Spam Sushi.
After the Fair Ahnyx  
 was transferred to her wonderful new family at Meljestic Farms.
Back up north the breeding season has begun
and Mojo is under the influence of love, keeping his eyes fixed on the ladies' quarters.
Chill seems almost as eager to start making some cute baby goats.
According to the Farmer's Almanac, we're in for a winter of "Freezing Cold."
Until then we'll savor the fall colors
and then Barb will spend long winter nights
dreaming up names for the spring cuties.

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