Full House

 Spring Lake iced out fairly early
 and the neighborhood is greening up
 much to the delight of local browsers
 but it's been colder than normal; Dustin huddles in front of the computer to stay warm (and block the screen, part of a cat's job description).
 On April 12 the moms and kids ventured out to romp
 and butt heads
 when some unusual noises up by the house
 caught their attention.
 High-Mark Construction was ripping out old paneling and carpet as part of a kitchen and basement renovation.
 Around 9:00 pm later that day Keeper added even more excitement by delivering a solid black buckling with a cute white topknot
 and then (since this IS MeadowWild Farm) yet another cou blanc buckling.
 First-time mom Keeper set about attending to them immediately
 and they were soon up and about.
 A few days later Barb headed off on a three-day journey to scenic Hicksville, Ohio,
leaving panic-stricken Steve with a barnfull of headstrong moms and impish kids.
 Fortunately, friend Laura
 (of Grandma Laura's Cookies) generously helped out with her years of goat-mom experience. 
 (She didn't even need to bone up on goat anatomy.)
 Laura showed up each morning to milk the girls and take care of developing udder problems
 At long last Barb and friend Janet returned from Regel Katan Farm
with two new cuties 
Kuiper Belt, a doeling
 and the buckling LysanstoChill ("Chill" product of Addi-Hill Shamus Lysander x Pleasant-Grove Wakeup Relaxed) 
 On those few occasions when it hasn't been gusty and sleeting, the spirited newbies love to browse the salad bar
 run madly up and down the driveway
 butt heads
 and generally defy gravity.
 On April 23 Keeper joined them outside with her thriving youngsters
 and Steward, who romped about the yard
 and then collapsed for a nap back in the barn
 (asleep, not deceased).
Also on the 23rd Barb checked the rear ligaments on Ahni, who was one day overdue. 
 Shortly before 9:00 that night she delivered a YUGE (10.5 pound) doeling.
 Ahnyx was up quickly
 and looking for a good meal.
 She seems more like a black bear cub than a baby goat
 and enjoys hanging out near Keeper's Guardian, who could be her twin.
 Across the barn the older babies get bigger every day
 and ever more mischievous.
 Cheeky's girls are already almost as big as she is
 and Eclipse's Penumbra barely fits under mom when he goes for a snack.
The grateful and relieved Farmers popped the traditional bottle of Barefoot Bubbly to celebrate the end of a most successful kidding season.

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