And first out of the chute is

 Meadowwild Mojo Penumbra!
 Eclipse was not due until March 4,
 but she loves to keep the Farmers off balance.
 In the 45 minutes since Barb last checked the barn on her regular Kid Watch
 Eclipse surprised us when we weren’t looking with this substantial guy
 two days early, weighing in at 12.5 pounds, and healthy as the proverbial horse.
 He was up within minutes and knew just where to find a good meal.
Resting comfortably with mom at 4:00 this morning, 12 hours after birth.
 He’s clearly a chip off the old block; this is a baby picture of dad (Regel Katan Farm Charmer Mojo) 
 and here is his new son Penumbra
who is promised to a wonderful home in the UP when he’s weaned; he'll serve as a junior herd sire.
 Cheeky and Reenie are fascinated by the newcomer.  They are both due today (March 3) but indicate that they might well be taking their time providing the next cute MeadowWild kids.

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