Five Little Peppers and How They Grew

 is a classic novel published in 1881.
 MeadowWild Farm's version consists of peppy Ecio and EC-Rider (here climbing on mom Eclipse)
 and Cheeky's triplets, resting after a pepfest,
 with Talisman on top, Tzat's a Keeper on the bottom, and little Tzarina in the middle of the sammich.
 And how they grew during their first 13 days of life!
 Together they gained a total of 33.5 pounds, well beyond the minimum expected for healthy young goats.
 Disbudding (never much fun) went well in their swanky new box.
Just a few days old, the peppers are energetic if not always graceful:
After a week, they're pestering the moms, tap-dancing away on the Bat Cave and playing King of the Mountain:
Outside they can really stretch their growing legs
running madly hither and yon

and climbing on the skywalk
sometimes a bit awkwardly still.
There's always time for a head scritch.
While the littles play, Eclipse challenges dad Mojo -- something about a lack of child support.
The kids will soon be too big to snooze in the Bat Cave
but they can still snuggle with mom
and have discovered that the hay feeder is a great place to nap
as well as to nosh.
Eclipse is outraged.
"Hey, you -- Goatmom Lady -- Cheeky's kids are peeing in the hay!"
Feral Momma Kitty enjoys this year's early spring
She's ignoring the Meow Mix we provide because mice are plentiful and more tasty.
When Dustin was informed that SOME kitties earn their own keep, he shifted his position in front of the heat vent and went back to sleep.
Next up: Momo is due to deliver any day now.  (Can you tell?)

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