Got Our Mojo Workin'

 The gaudy autumn colors have fled, leaving the subtler browns and yellows of late October.
The month began with the first snow of the season
 but then warmed above average for much of the time.
 Deciduous trees are mostly bare
 and mornings frosty.
 One of the neighbors' horses got spooky for Halloween.
 Wild turkeys glean a field, oblivious to the approach of Thanksgiving.
 Spring Lake remains free of ice
 but the front pond is starting to freeze over.
The furnace has been cleaned.  We're ready for whatever Boreas blows our way.
 The apple harvest is in 
 and in the process of being preserved.  For several of the trees it was a bumper year 
and the deer got a good share.
 They've been hanging close to the house recently, though they will vanish as soon as firearms deer season begins on Nov 8.
 Momma Kitty’s hunting season is in full swing.  Her favorite killing field is just outside our study window; she regularly brings mice and voles to play with on a bare patch behind the house.
 Rainy days she snoozes in the pole barn on top of the hay bale mountain.
Steve just finished teaching a FDLTCC College for Seniors course titled
-- not that anyone at MeadowWild Farm is thinking of aging any time soon.
 If Dustin looks a bit crabby, it’s because he spent 24 hours at the vet getting yet another tooth extracted due to resorptive lesions. 
 He was still a bit groggy from the anesthesia when we brought him home.
Following the vet’s suggestion, we prepared a cozy nook for him in the study closet, complete with soft bed and a toasty space heater.
 Don’t know if he spent any time there during the night, but when we checked on him early the next morning he was in the hallway still batting around and rolling on a mouse he had dispatched – suggesting a quick recovery from the dental surgery.
 Three teeth had already been removed in April, so he’s headed toward dentures – and perhaps will replace the Grumpy Cat of internet fame.
 It’s breeding season, and MeadowWild Farm is resonant with noisy goats and redolent of Eau de Mojo.
From a cute little buckling Mojo has developed 
into a studly young buck.
 Last year before getting the swing of things Sanchez had to read the Alex Comfort manual for goats and sit through several showings of the junior high school hygiene films concerning the birds and bees. 
 But Mojo learned his role intuitively and jumped right into it with gusto.
Here is the suave Lothario whispering sweet nothings into Momo’s ear, while she warbles melodious soft love ditties in return:
 Mojo is a real sweetie . . .
The only problem is he’s harder to keep locked up than John Dillinger.  Not content with the chaperoned speed dates he’s been provided, he has escaped numerous times, climbing over fences, slipping through tiny openings, and breaking the ties that keep the cattle panels attached to their stakes – intent to find the girls’ dormitory on his own. 
 He’s the Steve McQueen of the goat world.
So far we hope three of the ladies have settled:  Momo
 Eclipse (in her very appropriate Lil Devil Halloween costume)
 and Cheeky.
(Friend Brian provided a cute photo of Cheeky and Barb keeping track of each other at last month’s Bluff Country Classic Dairy Goat Show.) 
 Chandra is showing more interest in Mojo today, so we trust all four active does will soon be knitting baby booties in anticipation of spring deliveries.
 Eclipse wishes everyone a belated happy Halloween!
And here is a reprint of the 2010 MeadowWild herd tricked out in costumes supplied by the wonderful Dale Connelly.

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