Graduation's Here

It’s June, and a young goat’s fancy turns to running madly about and butting heads:
But June also means graduation
 and MeadowWild Farm is considerably quieter now that the Class of 2014 has moved on to new lives.
We miss the kids that have entertained (and occasionally exasperated) us since March 
 but we’re delighted that they’re all big, healthy, and enjoying good new homes.
 As the Fleetwoods put it way back in 1959
 “High school parties are over
Things won't be the same
 The day to grow up finally came
Graduation's here, graduation.”
 Well done, Class of 2014!  Go forth and conquer the world!
 It’s that green and gold season.
 The trees finally leafed out
 and blossomed
 and the remaining goats enjoy browsing up to their tummies in fresh grass.
 On June 14th the Farmers attended the Minnesota Dairy Goat Association youth show at Mora.
  Barb assisted by handing out awards to the budding goatsters 
and a good time was had by all. 
Back home, she got her girls ready for the summer heat (if it ever arrives) and linear appraisal (professional evaluation of her herd)
 by treating them to “heinies.”
 Disappointingly, the geese on the front pond didn’t produce any goslings this year, perhaps because the spring was so cold and late in arriving.
 Mom sat on her nest all day and Dad sailed up and down nervously, but they didn’t bring forth the little fluffy tennis balls that we’ve enjoyed in previous springs.  The adults have now moved on, too,
 but left mementoes on the driveway.
 Also late this year, and fewer than usual after a harsh winter, are the fawns.  This mom and baby (barely visible in the fog and grass) showed up in late June.
Some mornings it’s been so cold that Barb fired up the furnace.  Dustin soaks up rays from his favorite morning window sill – outside view
and inside.

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