See, you know how to “take” the reservation, you just don't know how to “hold” the reservation.

In quest of hay, the Farmers drove 100 miles north to charming Grand Rapids.
On the Budget Rental website they had reserved a 24' truck to haul hay from Warba, and they confirmed the reservation by phone.
Of course, when they arrived at the Budget outlet, Rapid Rental & Supply, the clerk treated them like space aliens.  They were not expected and he knew nothing about any reservation, but he could rent them a much smaller truck.
The situation was right out of "Seinfeld," except considerably less amusing.
Fortunately, the Grand Rapids U-Haul had a 26' truck available, so the day and journey were not wasted.
CB handle: "Rubber Goaty."
By a strange coincidence, on that very same hay-hauling day
some unknown vandal whacked the mailbox out of joint
and smashed the planter next to it.
The goats now have two substantial mountains of square hay bales
and one large round bale
to get them through the winter.
They are such voracious eaters, however, 
that come March they might have to get by on delivery pizzas if the hay gives out.
We're experimenting with a new breed of dual fuel goats that would browse the meadows as usual but then rely on electrical charging rather than hay.
After the spectacular colors of last autumn
this fall has been subdued
and the current "Aut-Win" season (as our friend Larry Weber calls it)
is even subdueder.
Grass is still green
even after a series of frosty mornings
but the leaves are gone and the other colors are muted.
We've had a few brief snow showers, but nothing that's stayed on the ground.
Cheeky enjoys a few last treats of willow branch before the meadows become impassible.
It's breeding season, and Sanchez continues to court the ladies.
For all his interest in them, his "performance" so far has been underwhelming.
He's had two rounds of speed dates with Eclipse
Awe Baby
and Cheeky, but we're not sure if any of them are yet preggers.
Dream shows some interest, forgetting that she's retired.
But the boy is still relatively young
and we still hope he'll produce beautiful bundles of joy for the spring birthing season.
El Diablo himself
and the Wicked Goat of the West all join us in wishing everyone a Happy Halloween!


Leah Wekseth said...

Happy Halloween to the Adam's Family :-) Love, The Wekseths

Leah Wekseth said...

Love the pics!!!

Dave in Baton Rouge said...

With that hair thing he has going, Sanchez looks a lot like Liberace! If you want performance, give him a piano!

rubber goaty said...

ha, ha, Dave! and Steve is too kind to say that the "vandal" who smashed the mailbox and planter was none other than "rubber goaty" but in my defense, it was the only property i took out in 200 miles of piloting that big thing. :-)

Dave in Baton Rouge said...

I'm driving a 15-pasenger van 1000 miles round-trip to a conference in Corpus Christi. Wouldn't be so bad, but it is going to be Old Dave and seven FEMALE graduate students in the vehicle. Pray for me, please!!