Zombie Winter, First Departures

 It's mid-April, and the three-week-old girls are doing fine: Geisha (still rejected by her mom)
 and orphan Viva (aka Sherman, because she's built like -- and acts like -- a tank).
 The girls enjoy their play dates with Kona's boys
 which feature much cavorting
 jockeying for position
 and daredevil leaping.
 Spring seemed finally to be arriving early in the month.
The snow receded 
 allowing for excursions out of the barn.
 The girls raced up and down the driveway 
 spending most of their time in the air. 
 The kids quickly took over the skywalk
hopping up and down
 and trying to push each other off. 
 Geisha invented a new game: she jumps up on Barb
 expecting to be caught
 and cuddled.
 Of course, everyone else wants in on the fun, too.
 Viva is especially insistent, 
 pestering Barb
 until she also gets held.
 Then the boys get into the act 
 and even Arabica wants some attention, pretending to be a baby again.
 Geisha faces off against Momo
 while the perpetually hungry Viva eyes Kona's udder -- to no avail.
 The thaw was deceptive and short-lived.
 On April 11/12 -- the 24th day of spring according to the calendar --
 Winter Storm Walda treated us to a foot of wet, heavy snow and near-blizzard winds.
 The storm was more comfortably viewed from indoors than outdoors
 but eventually the driveway had to be cleared
 with the help of an over-matched Toro Snowthrower.  We missed two mail deliveries before Red Oak Lane was finally plowed.
 One disadvantage to a metal roof is that as soon as the driveway is cleared, snow comes thundering down from the housetop.
 The storm left us looking rather Christmassy
 which isn't what we really want at this time of year.  Spring Lake shows no signs of spring at all yet.  Zombie winter keeps returning from the dead.
 The storm delayed for a few days the departure of Old Yeller and Cocoa, but on April 13 they went to their new home, a farm in Ely
 where they are now enjoying the attention and care of their new family's young girls.
 We'll miss them, but we're delighted that they have found such a wonderful situation.
Now we're waiting for babies from Momo and Cajeta, who should arrive shortly.  Friend Janet's granddaughter -- sporting a snazzy Meadowwild Farm shirt --  is cheering on the mothers-to-be.

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