Spring Arrives, Spring Arrivals

 March has been colder and snowier than usual.  We've gotten double the precipitation we usually get during the month
 pushing us above average for this winter's snowfall.
Some signs of spring are emerging -- such as thawing creeks --
 but the landscape still looks wintry.  After so many months of black and white, we're growing eager for some color 
 besides that provided by the neighbor's dog, who (uninvited) often accompanies Steve on his walks.
 A trip into Superior snagged some new panels
 for the kidding pen Barb prepared
as Kona and the other girls keep expanding.
 Snow fell again on March 18 
 two days before official Spring
 which fell on the 20th, with the thermometer at a balmy 3 degrees (the coldest arrival of Spring in 50 years).
 Kona decided she just didn't want to wait for warmer weather
so, with Barb's help, she delivered a Spring buckling
 followed shortly by another buckling and a doeling.
(Barb is getting quite familiar with goat plumbing, having reached in to assist with all three deliveries.)
 Super Mom that she is, Kona went right to work cleaning the kids up
and they soon looked more presentable. 
 It wasn't long before they were up on wobbly little legs and taking their first tentative steps. 
 Barb blow-dried the babies, gave them their first shots, and made sure they got plenty of colostrum during their crucial first hours.
The doe is a cou blanc
named Geisha.
Both brothers are broken chamoise.  One is Cocoa
and the other is Old Yeller
so named because he sounds as if he's auditioning for those obnoxious screaming goat videos (turn your speakers up).
The newbies survived their first cold night under a heat lamp with Kona attending to them.
It was down to 3 degrees again the next morning, so they got to dress up in sweaters.  Not quite a day old yet, they seem to be doing fine.
Next up is Juju, who is due at any time.

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