“August, with its great stacks of giant clouds”

is celebrated in a poem by Mary Naylor
which also includes the line, "August, remember Richie playing with the goat?"
Richie didn't come around, but Barb was out playing with the goats several times each day,
letting them trim the front pines
and luring them out to the back pasture
for the luxuriant late summer growth.
Lumberjacks that they are, they still prefer to manage the woodlands.
Cajeta with a mouthful of pine pitch.
She's a real cutie, but she inherited a headstrong nature from her mom, Alba. 
Her half-sister Momo plays Queen of the Mountain.
Dream shows off her new bra, designed to support her enormous udder.  Look for her on the cover of the next Victoria's Caprine Secret catalog.
Taco is the least aggressive of the Butt Heads.
His brother, Burrito,
is not afraid to challenge Mr. T
giving Niblet a respite
from the unwanted attention he otherwise receives -- as in having his heinie used for a scratching post.
Meanwhile, Burrito sneaks in the back of the Gentlemen's Club to sample Mr. T's hay.
The other pair of brothers -- Pingado and Macchiato -- are the real trouble-makers, ready to poke their horns into anything that approaches their area.
Here Ping tries to open the front door of the Gentleman's Club
and Big Mac is his usual vocal self.
This jewel-like arachnid is spinning a web in the corner of the Club.   We think she's trying to spell out, "Some Goat."
Feral kitty waits patiently for her fresh milk
and Bubba watches all the action from the comfort of his cool house. 
This year the Farmers attended to the grape vine before the raccoons could strip it bare.
Barb turned the takings
into a winter's worth of yummy grape jam.
She'a also using her new press
to experiment with new kinds of goat cheeses.
The apple harvest from the front yard trees
should be abundant.

While "ant" Barb put up supplies for the winter
"grasshopper" Steve was off exploring
bicycle trails in Moose Lake
and hiking paths around the area.
Chicken of the woods fungus proliferates -- but it doesn't look tempting enough to bring home for dinner.
Summer entertainments continue, including the Highway 61 Folks Festival
and of course the grandest of them all -- the State Fair
with its beer gardens
butter heads
and crop art.
This year's crop artists were unusually political;
Some of our favorite entries concerned the two constitutional amendments that will be on the November ballot, forbidding gay marriage and requiring voters to show photo IDs.
There were big vegies
cholesterol-laden treats
and clever works of fine art, such as Pamela Valfer’s “Roadkill Quilt: Baby Blanket.”
And there were lots of people --
lots and lots of people.
The Farmers were happy to get back to sparsely populated Blackhoof Township, with its great stacks of giant August clouds.
Even before the middle of the month, hints of seasonal change were starting to appear,
with the wooly bears already predicting a mild winter.


Dani said...

I just popped over from the MoosLetter link. What a lovely life you have. We'll be in New Ulm soon for Oktoberfest, and then to check out the area for a possible retirement move. Thanks for sharing all those photos!

Anonymous said...

I just added this feed to my bookmarks. I have to say, I very much enjoy reading your blogs. Thanks!