And two more make ten

Since their difficult delivery on April 11, Alba's kids have been doing fine.

Taco, Cajeta & Burrito still like to hang out together 
cuddle with Mom

and climb all over her. 

Come Mother's Day, they had better chip in together for a big bouquet of roses.

Taco relaxes at the dairy bar
while Burrito samples a tasty dried leaf.
On April 18 Juju completed this year's kidding season
with a beautiful doeling
followed shortly by another beautiful doeling.
Getting toweled off just after birth.
Momo and ChouChou are practically indistinguishable.
The sisters slid right out of Juju
(to the relief of the midwife, after the troubles Dream and Alba had)

and were enjoying a walk outside two days after birth.
They're still at the cute, cuddly stage, as friend Margaret discovers

but they can also look a tad sinister.
Ten days old, sporting their new collars and browsing on tree branches.
Kona's kids are getting so big & strong

that they lift her off the ground when they're nursing.

Although Kona has had only two teats during their entire lifetime

all three "babies" often look for a snack at the same time.

Macchiato is developing some impressive horns

as is his brother Pingado

who fearlessly challenges Dreamy every chance he gets.

Fortunately, she's willing to play gently with him instead of butting him across the pasture.

The kids love to run from the pallet out into the big pasture area and back again

and jump all over the truck topper

and especially to play on the skyway Barb built for them.

Some dismounts are of Olympic caliber;

others not so much so.

If we could only harness the energy expended by the kids, we'd be off the grid.

Energy of another kind -- a gusty thunderstorm -- took the top off a dead tree, which narrowly missed our propane tank.

A few days later our neighbors watched a dust devil pick up a plastic sheet from their garden and deposit it in a nearby tree. 
Calmer weather ensued, and Lassi is enjoying the spring green-up.  Of course, the grass is always greener just beyond the fence.


Anonymous said...

aw, very cute! great dismount photos :-)
I've just posted on FB photos from our visit--lovely to see you, Barb, and the Goats!

Anonymous said...

Those babies are just sooooo cute! Love the little movies too, please keep it up. Thanks for sharing your fantastic farm =)

Cindy Obar