Easter or Christmas?

The calendar reads spring, but it's been fairly wintry of late.
The front pond was still icy on the morning of April 12; by afternoon the ice was gone.

Nearby Spring Lake has been open for several weeks now
but we keep slipping back into winter
with a healthy dusting of snow
on April 16
for Steve's customary Saturday morning walk around the block.
The weather has kept him from trying his new bike out on the Munger Trail.  Maybe white wasn't the best color for this area, and snow tires are still appropriate.
The Cloquet bunny proclaims Easter, but lately it's seemed a lot more like Christmas.
On icy and snow days
the herd stays inside 
to climb all over the wood pile and hay bales.
For a few anxious days, Kona's boy developed droopy ears
which can be a sign of weakness and abnormal development
but by the time he went to his new home on April 11
his ears were standing straight up again
and he was full of vim and vigor (thanks probably to the Vitamin E shots Barb gave).
Juju missed her penmate and playmate for a bit
but has been having lots of fun cavorting with Terra and Freya.
Every chance they get the girls race out of the barn
to see what new greenery is springing up in their pastures.
The babies are especially enamored 
of racing around their truck topper like Nascar speedsters
and jockeying for position as Queen of the Hill.
A wooden pallet also makes 
for prime real estate to be fought over.
Despite the weight disadvantage, Juju holds her own --
for a while, anyway, until Freya nudges her along.
Even the slightest elevation becomes a launching pad.
Barb uses a tape measure to keep track of the babies' weight gain
and receives lots of advice from the Peanut Gallery.
Juju is the friendliest of the newbies
and likes to sit on Barb's lap.
Lassi and Terra try to convince her she's a goat rather than a puppy.
After a hard afternoon's romp, Freya and Terra literally hit the hay
while Juju relaxes in her cave (which she has pretty much caved in from jumping on it).
There's spring in the steps, too, of our resident mink-squirrel population
and inevitable deer.
The geese are now nesting
and a flock of turkeys checks out the west meadow
but then heads back into the woods because the weather is just a bit too reminiscent of Thanksgiving time. 

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Dave in Louisiana said...

Will the snow and cold be over by the time we get there on 8 June? Rained most of the morning, but now it's 76 degrees and beautiful here in Baton Rouge!

Another great collection of images, Steve!