August Stuff

August finally brought rains that officially ended our long drought. In between showers, a rainbow stretched from our meadow . . .
to the neighbors' barn, which may have concealed a pot of gold, but which more likely sported pigeon poop, while Tom's air rifle is broken.
Mornings have been misty.
August also brought the annual Carlton County Fair.
Barb spent a lot of time helping out in the goat barn
while Steve surveyed the other animals
and was reminded in the hog barn that it was time for yet another visit to the Teenie Weenie Donut stand.
Many of the animals were snoozing in the heat.
Barb's entries cleaned up again
winning blue ribbons for Purple Viking potatoes, yellow onions and leeks, and lesser ribbons for cucumbers, red onions, rhubarb and soap.
Three of Steve's photos garnered white ribbons, not quite as good as the red ribbon that went to the only Brussels sprouts entered.
Friend/neighbor Gretchen pointed out that 100% of Red Oak Lane residents won ribbons this year. Tom's Carola potatoes took a blue
as did all three of Gretchen's knitted entries.
Other friend Tom's brews did well, too.
The rain and warm days gave the garden a big boost
though we're still living in the Land of the Green Tomato.
The grapes might be doing well, were it not for a swarm of ravenous goats who regularly raid the vines
and eat everything else in sight
whether edible or not.
Niblet likes to keep Mr. T under foot
but all is forgiven.
The gentlemen like to see
who can look the silliest.
T is hopelessly addicted to noogies
which Dave supplied in abundance.
We're enjoying the last days that Opie and Spot are with us --
they will be moving shortly to a petting zoo in Moose Lake .
Opie takes every opportunity to scale Mount Haystack in the goat barn
while Spot tries to rile Niblet.
The Farmers were grateful for an invitation to visit Artie and Tammy at their wonderful new home
which features a gorgeous house,
roomy pasture/play area, and non-stop pampering.Two goat mamas comparing notes.
On a sadder note, Julius has developed renal problems, which require Barb to administer potassium supplements daily and to give him fluids every other day through a large needle inserted under the skin at the back of his neck.
This is in addition to the twice-daily insulin shots that she gives Bubba;
she only thought that she was through with nursing.
We've approached Bubba about donating a kidney to Julius, but he's not showing much interest so far.
Barn swallows made another nest in the Gentleman's Club
and had another batch of babies -- four of them this time, enough for a Barbershop Quartet.
If Mr. T hears "Sweet Adeline" one more time, he's going to scream.


Anonymous said...

Thanks again for sharing your awesome pictures. We really enjoyed the visit on Friday. It was so nice seeing you guys and your "family" again.

Marie & Gene

Dave said...

Barb and Steve,

Another great collection of images from MeadowWild Farm! Thanks for allowing Brigitte and me to invade your home and harmony for a few days. We both dearly love you guys, Julius and Bubba, and all the goats!!