Cool, dry, green

It has seemed an unusually cold and dry spring so far.
The only moisture in the air seems the morning fog off the near-freezing ponds.

It was so cold that we fired up the furnace again on May 27.
Bubba and Julius, who usually stay far away from each other except during the winter, have been forced to cozy together for warmth.
The fields have greened up nicely, though, despite the weather.
The woods are full of marsh marigolds
delicate little flowers
and fiddleheads on the ferns.
New growth amid deer bones and dry leaves.
Fresh burrows are proliferating in the meadows
and the apple trees are blossoming
including the ancient one in back of the house
Lilacs, long past their prime in most places,
are finally open here.
The goats are doing their best
to keep all the greenery in check.
Majority is lord of the manor, much of which he tries to consume.
Artful and Tammy Waynette still gallop everywhere they go
with occasional rest periods when they join Barb in a chair
and indulge their taste for clothing.
Now that one of the stump piles
has been buried in the west field
the goats enjoy playing on the bare hillock
which is now their arena for chases
and especially for combat.
Majority and Niblet like to tussle on their stump piles, too,
but they'd just as soon sit back and watch the chick fights.
Meanwhile, Dreamy the Octogoat is getting ready to deliver on or around June 14.
She doesn't spend much time on her feet these days, preferring to watch the more svelt and active goats from her favorite nest site near a door.

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