Waiting for Spring . . . and Tammy Waynette

Warm days in late March began to melt the front pond,
but then March 31st returned the snow
and April Fools Day dumped a whole lot more,
leading us to suspect that it would be a while before the hammock and lawn chairs saw much use.
By Easter, most of the snow was gone again;
the seasonal stream that runs to the south was beginning to flow
and the back pond was melting.
No visitors yet to the wood duck house.
The front pond resolidified in the cold early April days.
Snow is fairly deep yet in the south woods, but there are signs of spring:
one neighbors' hay meadow is thawing apace
and another neighbor's Pontiac has emerged from its snowbank.
Some blades of grass are poking through the thatch
but most of the green yet is provided by moss.
Soon, we hope, the swampy areas of the woods will be filled with wild flowers.
Perverse Dodger was due to deliver on April 11,
but hasn't shown signs of releasing Tammy Waynette as of late on the 12th.
Majority is urging her to get down to business.
Alba is due to deliver on April 18; she might even beat Dodger to maternal bliss.
With all three does expecting, Majority and Niblet will be moving out of the goat barn and into the chicken coop, which the Farmers are modifying for them.
Cleaning out the old straw revealed a weasel's tunnel underneath the base heater for the chickens' water supply.
Barb made a new door, which will let the boys come and go from their outdoor pen area.
Here they're overseeing her work and anticipating the move to the new Gentleman's Club.

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Dave said...

Congratulations to Dodger on sucessfully delivering two kids to the farmers on 13 April!