After the coldest combined December-January in 25 years
we finally got a mid-winter thaw, which included a heavy rain
that puddled on the pond ice.
The goats took advantage of the warm weather
for walks up and down Red Oak Lane.
Majority stops to nibble the shrubbery.
Then it's back to the barn for a hay feast.
Someone keeps knocking the creep feeder (containing minerals) off the wall and pooping on it.
Could it be the evil Majority?
Niblet was offended when the vet described him as "chubby." He likes to camp out under the hay feeder so that he can nap and nosh at the same time.
Here he steps on Mom's neck to prove he's not all that heavy.
Snow and cold returned by the end of the month.
Warm or cold, sunrise means
time to feed and water the critters.

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