Early Autumn

This fall has been the most colorful in years,
with reds showing up, especially,
that were missing during the droughts of the past few autumns.
The back pond is covered with vegetation.
The goats enjoy the mild days
and especially the carrot buffet.
Eh, what's up, Doc?
Not content with what's put out for her, Dodger sneaks off to nibble the grape vine
and then climb Mount Picnic Table.
The young 'uns make time for some head-butting.
while Bubba looks on in disgust.
With the help of Janet, the Farmers spread a thick layer of compost over the south garden, anticipating potatoes the size of basketballs next summer.
The apple harvest is spectacular
though after days of baking, saucing, drying, and storing, Barb is not sad to see the tree bare at last
Under the watchful eye of Dodger, the chickens are producing like mad
averaging over 20 eggs each day.
Steve is far less productive, having undergone a total hip replacement on Oct 1.
He hobbles down gorgeous Red Oak Lane several times each day
while Barb is stuck doing all the work.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Steve and Barb-- these are great photos. My apple tree did spectacularly well this year too.

I hope your hip replacement recovery is proceeding well, Steve. When my dad had his, it was a steep curve, but it really restored him to a full range of pain-free activity.

Goats make great drawing subjects. Have you been doing any of that?

best, Ann Klefstad